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The Design Education of the Future

Immersive preparation for the world’s most in-demand careers, for as little as $0 until you’re hired.

A New Model for Higher Education

Optimal Designer invests in a small number of ambitious individuals by training them for the world’s most in-demand careers.
In exchange, Optimal Designer graduates pay back a small percentage of their salary after they are hired.


Our unique application and interview process are designed to identify those with great aptitude for a design career, regardless of their background.


Once students are selected, a small class undergoes live, intensive online training designed to meet the rigorous demands of our hiring partners.

Optimal Designer Courses


6 months (full-time)
Product / UX Design

Develop core skills in each pillar of UX and Product Design:
from research, to ideation, to visual design, to prototyping & testing

$0 up-front
+ 17% of salary for 2 yrs

(or $20,000 up-front)

The skills you need, wherever you are

Optimal Designer is live streamed from the Silicon Alley in New York City to a small group of students participating from all over the world.

Students learn to apply the design process and industry standard tools from world-class instructors at no up-front cost and without having to relocate or acquire expensive housing.

Classes are live, interactive and include one-on-one help, real projects, and frequent design feedback.

Graduate Risk-Free

You’ll only pay tuition once you land a job paying more than $50,000/year in a design-related field.
Should your employment status change, your payments will adjust automatically.

No more unpayable student loans.


Once you have a high-paying job, you’ll pay back tuition as a fixed percentage of your salary.


Because we invest in you, instead of the other way around, we only make money when you do.


Just like a physical classroom experience, everything at Optimal Designer is live and interactive. Training takes place in rigorous, live instruction, hands-on projects, realistic practice, and frequent design feedback from knowledgeable instructors.

Optimal Designer’s People: Diverse & Valuable

Our application process is blind to both race and gender, ensuring diverse and qualified candidates from all over the world, and every walk of life.

Optimal Designer students stay connected long after the course ends. We review material, audit courses, and utilize alumni connections for jobs and projects. It’s a powerful network.